Discuss briefly 3 ways the Industrial Revolution transformed the USA.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Industrial Revolution changed the United States in many ways.  Let us look at three of the more important ways.

First, the Industrial Revolution effectively expanded the United States.  Without the Industrial Revolution, railroads would not have come to exist to the extent that they did.  Industrialization allowed the production of huge quantities of rails and of rolling stock to go on those rails.  When railroads spread out across the US, eventually reaching the Pacific, the country’s size effectively increased.  Goods from one part of the country could easily be brought to other parts of the country.  This was a tremendously important step in creating a prosperous country.

Second, the Industrial Revolution made cities larger and more important.  Before industrialization, cities had been important as transportation hubs, but had not been major economic engines.  During the Industrial Revolution, cities grew as factories sprang up and attracted workers.  The cities also became more important to the economy because they were the site at which valuable goods were being produced.

Finally, the Industrial Revolution helped to increase the population of the United States and the diversity of that population.  As the US grew richer and needed more workers, people from Europe came to the country in increasing numbers.  Many came to get work in the factories and in the mines and other industries that supported those factories.  Many of the immigrants were from different parts of Europe than most previous Americans had been from.  Their coming increased the US population and gave it a broader mix of ethnicities.

Thus, the Industrial Revolution made the United States bigger because it improved transportation.  It made cities bigger and more important to the economy, and it increased and diversified the population of the country.  There are many other ways it affected the US, but these are three important effects that it had.