What common objects can I use as symbols for Bob Cratchit, young Scrooge, and Tiny Tim?

Expert Answers
amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

How about these:

Bob Cratchit--a small candle (to represent the dedicated employee who is forced to get what heat he can from the candle in front of him or the small, single coal in the fireplace.  However, the light inside of him is never extinguished...he remains positive and full of life.)

Young Scrooge--a book.  This represents his vivid imagination and his love of reading and learning.  Through his learning, he climbs the ladder of success and even has a girlfriend, Belle, to whom he is engaged to be married.  It is not until later that he becomes withdrawn from loved ones and society and obsessed with money and greed.

Tiny Tim--his crutch.  This is an obvious symbol which truly touches the heart of Scrooge when he visits the Cratchit home in Christmases future...the crutch is leaned up against the wall to represent the presence of the little boy who has long since passed away due to his illness.