In Brave New World, what are three reasons why citizens hate the the past?What are three things about the past they hate?

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The World State citizens hate the following aspects of the past (or, our time now).

1. Maternity. In World State, women wear Malthusian Belts that assure they always have contraceptives available to them at all times. Instead of becoming pregnant and giving birth (viviparous), babies are created in the decanting system. In fact, the people of World State are completely horrified by the idea of natural child birth and pregnancy. Human beings will not state that they were "born," because they are disgusted by it; natural birth does not follow along with the clean and purified World State.

2. Sexual Prohibition. In World State, men and women are encouraged to have as many sexual partners as they please. In fact, they chew "sex hormone chewing gum" so that they may attract partners. They also practice "orgy-porgy," which allows them to obtain a state of sexual euphoria. Children are also encouraged to have sexual play, and the idea that these inherent sexual desires were ever sublimated both shocks and is humorous to the citizens of World State.

3. Emotions. Citizens of World State are constantly encouraged to engage in taking "Soma" in half-gramme tablets. Soma's euphoric effect ensures that the user cannot feel anything but tranquil. Oftentimes citizens of World State will engage in "Soma holiday," where they seem to overindulge in Soma to become completely devoid of reality at that time. Soma acts as a form of mind control because a happy citizen is a non-dissenting citizen.

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