3 reasons why it is important to cite work that is borrowed from other sources.

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Remember that when you're writing a research paper, you are attempting to become knowledgeable about that subject. The more experts you can cite with-in that paper, the more credible you are as a researcher!

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There are many reasons why it is important to cite work borrowed from other sources in academic writing.

The simplest of these is that most, if not all, schools require it.

After that, there is the point of honesty.

Third, to demonstrate learning and knowledge of a field. By that I mean, often you are attempting to show that you are familiar with the scholarship in a given area, that you know which sources are most important, and that you can distinguish between ideas developed by different thinkers. Citations show this.

Then, courtesy for your readers. Assume your readers are interested in what you have to say, and will want to do more reading in the subject. You're telling them where to find useful sources.

These don't appy the same way in creative works, by the way; different rules apply.

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1. Plagarism

2. It helps when you can go back and reread the information, as you can forget the website you took your information from.

3. The more sources you have the better your argument.

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1. If you did not cite your work from whatever website you took the information from, it would be plagiarism.

2. If people who read your work want more information they can look at the websites you sited.

3. If you don't cite works then you can get kicked out of school or work place.

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First would be plagiarism. It is considered so if you do not cite work. Next would be integrity. The author's work has helped you so you definitely shoild cite him. Lastly a suggestion. You should paraphrase a writer's work if you do not want to cite him.

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I think that it is very important to cite yoru resources because first, it is common curtesy to the person who did all of the work to find the information out. Second, it is very important to cite yoru resources because, you could get kicked otu of school and NEVER return if you are cought doing plagiarism, even if it is not on perpose. And the last reason that i think it is important to cite you sources because, you do not want to go to jail.

Thanks a lot for letting me help you!!