What are 3 reasons that why Oliver Twist is a character to be admired?(character not author) Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

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Dickens's classic novel Oliver Twist about a small boy whose tragic life does not end in tragedy is forever inspiring as it provides reader the promise that man is essentially good at heart.  This theme is best developed through the characterization of Oliver. For, in the words of Charles Dickens himself--

I wished to show, in little Oliver, the principle of good surviving through every adverse circumstance, and triumphing at last.

  1. Oliver Twist does, indeed, exhibit this principle of the victory of good over evil.  He survives the orphanage and the workhouse, the sordid influence of Fagin and his band of thieves.
  2. Oliver is extremely loyal.  After he is taken in by Mr. Brownlow, Oliver is later able to return to the workhouse to find his friend Dick and rescue him.  Unfortunately, poor Dick has died, and Oliver mourns him.  In a similar show of heart and family loyalty, Oliver devides his inheritance with Moniker, even though Moniker has tried to ruin Oliver.
  3. He inspires Nancy to exhibit the human kindness and compassion that is within her.  So motivated is Nancy to right her unjust act to Oliver of tricking him and returning him to the gang that she vows to help him even if it costs her her own life.  Her nobility of soul emerges thanks to Oliver Twist.
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