3 non-physical traits about Ralph?I need 3 characterics and explantions of how he shows them throughout the book, can anyone help ASAP? That'd be awesome! (:

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Three non-physical traits of Ralph:


Ralph shows his practicality when he off-handedly tells Piggy "better Piggy than Fatty," when Piggy is very upset about the fact that Ralph revealed his old nickname.  Rather than getting caught up in Piggy's emotional drama, Ralph deals with the situation by looking at it from a practical standpoint and moves on. 


Ralph continually worries about the well-being of the littluns throughout the novel.  When everyone else except Simon had given up on building the shelters in chapter three, Ralph still works tirelessly to finish them, because he is worried about the safety of the younger children and the fact that they keep having nightmares.


Ralph shows his confidence on the very first day when he and Piggy conclude that there are no adults on the island.  Instead of being afraid or extremely worried like Piggy is, Ralph is over-joyed at this "realized ambition," his new found freedom (8).  He shows his confidence and ability to handle himself again later in the assembly with the other boys as he discusses the idea of getting rescued.

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