Describe the 3 main characters in The Year of Living Dangerously: Guy, Billy and Jill.

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Sure!  Guy Hamilton is one of the reporters for a news agency in the country of Australia called ABS.  He is a handsome guy, originally from the country of England, and he towers above others in height.  Growing up in Australia and Singapore gives Guy quite a unique perspective.  He is an incredible news correspondent and is considered "the best" in Jakarta.  He is Billy's partner in business and good friend in personal life.  Guy falls madly in love with Jill, of course, and almost loses her through betrayal.  This faltering almost makes Billy rethink his friendship with Guy.

All is clouded by desire: as fire by smoke, as a mirror by dust ...Through these it blinds the soul.

Next, Billy Kwan is Guy's successful business partner and long-time friend.  He is the cameraman to Guy's news talent.  Bill is both Australian and Chinese, and a dwarf!  His personality is endearing most of the time.  He is very smart and compassionate; however, he can also give in to obsession and emotion. As a result of the friendship between Guy and Billy, Billy really believes he has orchestrated the loving relationship between Jill and Guy. 

You go along with my giant brother to Priok. In the passer, he dares to kiss you. So it begins.

Billy also becomes deluded that Sukarno is a kind of "savior" and is killed in a protest while defending Sukarno. 

Jill Bryant, of course, is the love interest in the story.  Guy falls in love with her, a beautiful secretary at the embassy of England.  Jill is both wounded and vulnerable.  Her first marriage failed due to an affair.  She adores Billy because of his compassion, as well as the fact that he is a "safe" friend.  It isn't long before Jill is expecting a child by Guy.  Ironically, she believes Billy (over her trust in Guy) when Billy tells Jill of Guy's possible betrayal.

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