3 loads with same sign, are linked between them with 2 wires which have the length l=10cm(each) and they are set on a horizontal line.Wires tensions?q1=4miuC,q2=2miuC,q3=8miuC

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Because we don't have forces in horizontal plane, and gravitational forces are balanced by normal reactions, the system is in equilibrium. We'll write the equilibrium condition for the load q1 and q2

T1=F12+F13=[q1*q2/(4*pi*eps*l^2)]+[q1*q3/(4*pi*eps*4*l^2)]=[q1(q2 + (q3/4))]/(4*pi*eps*l^2)]=14.4N

T2=F32+F31==[q3*q2/(4*pi*eps*l^2)]+[q1*q3/(4*pi*eps*4*l^2)]=[q3(q2 + (q1/4))]/(4*pi*eps*l^2)]=21.6N

For verifying, we'll write the equilibrium condition for q2:

T1+F23=T2+F21 (action and reaction)