In 3 liters of 1 molar solution of calcium chloride (CaCl2) we add 2 liters of water(H2O).What is the normal concentration of the new solution?

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Nomality is a measure of the concentration of a solution of a compound dissolved in water that is defined as N = (gram equivalents) / (volume of solution)

When calcium chloride is dissolved in water it dissociates into one ion of Ca2+ and two ions of Cl-.

Molarity is the concentration in terms of moles per liter.

3 liters of 1 molar solution of calcium chloride has 3*2 = 6 gram equivalents of Cl- ions and 3 gram equivalents of Ca2+. When 2 liters of water is added to this, the resulting normal concentration of the solution in terms of Ca2+ ions is 3/5 N and the normal concentration as far as Cl- ions are concerned is 6/5 N.


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In fact I have to choose the right one among these 4 alternatives:

a) 1.2 N  b) 0.6N  c) 2N  d) 0.5N


I want the CN=nE/V (normal concetration of the whole)

hope you understand sir!