Describe the measures taken in a district to protect the health of the people & suggest what improvement could be made.

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kimfuji eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The department of Public Health is a major influencing factor as to how the district protects the health of the people. For example, if the Dept. of Public Health enforces legislation and policies to ensure health services are delivered appropriately to all people--regardless of their ability to pay--then health of the people will remain relatively high. However often times enforcement is not applied due to limited personnel or budget cuts, so public health is not ensured, especially to the poor and uneducated groups. Some of the ways public health is carried out is through immunizations for epidemics such as the recent swine flu epidemic. In Texas, some hospitals set up outdoor tents to deliver medical services the masses of people who arrived at the ER with swine flu symptoms. Other ways are through public education programs and prevention programs. However, enforcement of compliance with public health policies is critical since institutions usually do not want to help the poor or uninsured unless they are forced to by legislation and minimum health standards.

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the closing portion of the previous post, I found much relevance.  Public health initiatives can be spurned with little cost through social interaction.  The free heath clinic weekend that was present in Houston some time back was something that showed how public health can be enacted in an inclusive setting.  More actions like these are being planned which would link measures taken by a district to protect the health of the people.  In addition to this, schools can help in this process as well.  When recently hit with the fear of the H1N1 Virus, schools played a vital role in educating students in the proper way to cough and sneeze, the need to wash hands consistently and the manner in which this is done, and also the need for sanitary facilities in public settings.  This helps to link the actions that public health officials can take in the need of providing healthy alternatives, information, and actions to all.