What are 3 adjectives to describe each: What does Richard thinks of himself, what does his family thinks of him, and what do his subjects think of him?

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linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Three adjectives Richard might have used to describe himself: Mighty--Richard was a powerful knight and fought many battles before and after he became king. Ambitious--although he was born a prince to the most powerful king and queen in Europe, he was not heir to the throne because of his older brother Henry. He wanted to be king. Courtly--Richard was well educated by both his mother and his half-sister, Mary of Champagne, who were patrons of the arts.

Three adjectives his family might have used for him: His mother would have called him beloved because he was her favorite child. She gave him her homeland of Aquitaine, making him almost as powerful as his father. Richard's father, Henry II, would have called him traitorous. All three of Henry's surviving sons conspired to dethrone him. His brothers might have used ruthless to describe Richard. He would not let anything stand in his way.

Three adjectives his subjects might have used for Richard I: Everyone knows one word that was used for Richard, the Lionheart. He was called that because of his bravery and might in battle. The people of England might have called him absent. Richard spent a total of six months in England the whole time he was king. Another adjective his people might have used is legendary. Even in his own time stories were told and retold about Richard. He is essential to the Robin Hood story (Robin had been on crusade with the king).