3/4 miles is equal to how many yards?

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This is proportional math.

1760 yards = 1 mile

X yards   =  .75 mile

We agree that 3/4 is equal to .75? So X is then number we are missing?  With proportions, you cross multiply, and then divide by the number left, in our case that is one...which makes this easy!

All that is left is to multiply 1760 and .75 for your answer!

Is 1320 reasonable?  Are you looking for less than one mile?

I love proportional reasoning!  It takes the guess work out of conversion...just make sure you line up the same words on each side....

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What we know 

  • 1760 yards = 1 mile 
  • We need to convert 3/4 mile into yards
  • 3/4 written as a decimal is 0.75

Using proportions, 

`(1/1760) = (.75/x)`

Cross multiply



1320=x, or x=1320

Therefore, our answer is 1320 yards. 

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We need to convert 3/4 of a mile into yards. For this we'll need to know a conversion factor: 

1760 yards = 1 mile

Knowing this we can cancel units to solve for what we want. 

Start with your given and multiply by the conversion factor appropriately. 

.75 miles x   1760 yards  
                     1 mile

The miles will cancel and you end up with 1320. 

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One mile is equal to 1760 yards. Therefore since we need to find 3/4 of a mile try multiplying 3/4 x 1760 or 1760 x .75, either way works 

Once you multiply that you should get 1320 which means there are 1320 yards in 3/4 of a mile 

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there are  1760 yards in 1 mile

in order to find out 3/4 of a mile just multiply

1760 by .75

1760 x .75 = 1320 yards

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