What are three of four examples of Hassan's selflessness in The Kite Runner. Details please. Thanks.

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KITE RUNNING.  While flying the kite is the more exhilarating and glamorous aspect, Hassan is happy to run the kite for Amir, and he perfects this side of the sport into an almost miraculous spectacle. Hassan can tell exactly where and when the defeated kite will descend, and

... may God--if He exists, that is--strike me blind if the kite didn't just drop into his outstretched arms.

Hassan refuses to give up the blue kite to Assef and his friends, willingly taking the consequences--rape and sodomy--in order to bring the kite home to Amir.

DEFENDING AMIR.  When the two boys are confronted by Assef and his young thugs on the street, Amir refuses to stand up to them, but Hassan defends them both with his trusty slingshot. His bravery saves both of them from a beating, but it draws the everlasting ire of Assef, who evens the score on the day of the kite-flying competition.

TAKING THE BLAME.  Hassan refuses to defend himself after he is accused of stealing the birthday gifts planted by Amir under his bed. He must have recognized that Amir had betrayed him, but Hassan is too honorable to shift the blame to his friend. He prefers to keep the truth secret from Baba, selflessly taking the blame himself to preserve Amir's honor.

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