`-2x + 5y = 20` Find the x intercept and the y intercept of the equation. Then graph the equation.

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In order to find y and x intercepts, we first need to know does they mean...
What is x intercept ?
It can be represented as point of a line intercepting x axis, if any point is to intercept x axis it's vertical position(y) has to be 0.
What is y intercept ?
 if any point is to intercept y axis it's horizontal position(x) needs be 0. 
 We can determine x intercept by setting y = 0
and y intercept by setting x = 0. 
so, for the line `-2x+5y=20`

1) Y intercept (x = 0) is 
 `-2(0) +5y =20`
=> `5y= 20`
=>` y=4`
` `

2) x intercept (y = 0) is 
`-2x+5(0) =20`
=> `-2x= 20`
=>` x = -10`
so `x= -10 ,y =4`  are the intercepts and is plotted with a dot in the graph below
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