If the rection 2C + 2H2O −> CH4 + CO2 has a percent yield of 83%, how much methane can be obtained from 1616 g of carbon?

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The reaction 2C + 2H2O --> CH4 + CO2 produces half a mole of methane from each mole of carbon that reacts if all the carbon takes part in the reaction.

But it is given that the reaction yield is 83%. This gives the number of moles of methane produced for each mole of carbon in the reaction as 0.5*0.83 = 0.415

The molar mass of carbon is 12 g/mol. 1616 g of carbon constitute 1616/12 = 404/3 moles of carbon.

The number of moles of methane produced from 404/3 moles of carbon reacting when the percent yield of the reaction is 83%, is equal to (404/3)*0.415  = 8383/150 moles.

As the molar mass of methane is 16, the grams of methane produced is 894.18 g.

894.18 g of methane is produced in the given reaction.

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