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29.1 gallons of water flow past a given point in Cicero Creek every second. How many milliliters flow past that point each minute?

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This question requires two conversions: 1. from gallons to milliliters and 2. from seconds to minutes. We will need the conversion factors for both.

1. We know that there are 60 seconds in one minute.

2. We can look up the conversion factor for gallons to milliliters. See the link below where you can find that one gallon is equal to 3.785 L. There are one thousand milliliters in one liter, so 1 gallon has 3785 milliliters. 

Now that we know the conversion factors, we calculate as follows:

29.1 gallons/second * 60 seconds/minute * 3785 milliliters/gallon = 6608610 milliliters per minute, which can be written as 6.6086 X 10^6 ml/min.

We know to multiply the conversion factors by examining the units. As we multiply, the seconds are canceled out, as are the gallons, leaving us with milliliters per minute.

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