The 2012 elections approachAs the 2012 elections approach, do you feel that President Barack Obama deserves to be elected for a second term? Why or why not?

Expert Answers
felquilem eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe President Barak Obama should be reelected.  He is the first presidentr to hold the office of President as a forum for discussion of ideas.  He has been constantly faulted for not exercising the kind of dictatorial power we have come to expect from a President.  When our constitutional government was implemented the question was asked,What kind of government is this?"  The answer...a Republic if you can keep it that way.   Barak Obama has attempted to return the function of government to the control of the people, but the entrenched self interest groups are not interested in change or the development of openness in government.  The last two presidential campaigns have been a low point in the exercise of rational discussion.  The juvenile antics of our elected officials, and the mud slinging that has characterized "political debate" are a national disgrace. To confuse national health care policy with insurance is repulsive.  I believe that President Obama has the heart and the intellectual stamina to help us clean up the mess we have made, and give our grandchildren a true tast of representative government one that truly represents the interest of all of our people.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This depends to some degree on who the Republicans nominate as their candidate.  However, on the whole, I do not think that Pres. Obama has done a bad job.  If the Republicans nominate someone who does not seem really good, I would think that Obama would "deserve" to be reelected.

Under Obama, the economy has really not done very well.  However, there are two things to say in mitigation of this fact.  First, the problems faced by the economy were largely created before Obama entered office.  Second, presidents do not have nearly the control/influence over the economy that people tend to think they do.

Obama has, to me, been sort of a middling president.  He has not offerred as much leadership as he might have on issues like the health care plan or on deficit reduction.  However, he has not made a complete mess of anything, at least in my opinion.

For these reasons, I think that he does deserve reelection to some extent, but perhaps not if the Republicans can come up with a candidate who really seems good (which does not look terribly likely at this point).

belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The word "deserve" dictates that the discussion speak as to Barack Obama's accomplishments in the office of the Presidency. If we were to ask "Should he be reelected," the answer might be different. Accordingly, this is an extremely touchy subject: every person has a deeply rooted belief that his side is "the best" and the other side is "the worst." We end up with arguments that run to the moon and back, and no one will ever convince the other side because (and here's the secret to political debate that no one will ever admit) the other side, in every debate, is not listening.

Therefore, instead of trying to hash out a massive issue in this limited space, I will simply say that I am not voting for Obama, and check out's page on the 2012 election to help make up your mind. is not affiliated with any sort of political party as far as I know; they seem to be legitimately non-biased.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In any election, it is always easier for the incumbant to be re-elected.  There are psychological reasons for this.  We have not had many one term presidents.  People figure that the time and money wasted on changing regimes is pointless.  Some people blame Obama for our economic woes, or for not keeping promises.  Others say he has not had enough time, and he inherited the problems.

jdrowe18 | Student

I do not think Obama should be re-elected. The cons of his presidency outweigh the pros. For example, high unemployment rates, low favorable ratings in polls, compromises with congressional Republicans that have disillusioned some supporters, and continued intense political opposition to health care reform program are just a few of the issues that ahve bombarded Obama. In my opinion, he has not handled tasks to the best of his ability. Don't et me wrong, I'm not bias against his race or party or anything of that sort. I just like to call the facts as I see them.