2012.21.12: End of the World?it about 2 months to this date.i am sure that you know what does it mean.I blieve that nothing will happen on this day and all these kind of stuffs are just rubbish

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rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Maya understood the world in terms of cycles, and the Maya longcount calendar was a document that predicted political cycles in very specific contexts. Indeed, recent discoveries at Maya sites reference dates that extend well beyond 2012. In short, the Maya didn't think the world was going to end in December. Even if they had, I'm not sure why it's relevant. What is interesting to me is 1) how much credence some people are willing to give to a Mesoamerican people who lived hundreds of years ago; and 2) how many people seem to think you can graft a Christian version of the end times onto a Native American calendar. It's just silly. On the other hand, I do think, as someone who's interested in Native American history, that this cultural phenomenon might arouse some interest in the Maya, which is, I suppose, a good thing. Additionally, it's not like we're unique in believing this--people throughout history have been fascinated by eschatology, and it seems that every generation has seen its time as the end.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Mayans simply died out, so there were no Mayans around to make the calendar.  It is not a matter of some pre-planned or pre-foreseen disaster.  If something happens, it will not likely happen on that date.  Even if it did, what could we do about it?  If you prepare for it and it does not happen, you just look foolish.  If you don’t prepare, what’s the difference?  What can you actually do?

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Of course nothing is going to happen.  This is just something that some people decided from their interpretation of Mayan beliefs.  There's no reason to think that the Maya knew when the world was going to end.  It's not like they were gods or something.

astrosonuthird | Student

Today is the day, the world will end but nothing has happened till now.

luiji | Student

I completely agree that we live in a totally different time than the Mayans did, and today we reject anything that ancient people believed. We don't believe in mythical gods anymore, or believe in statutes of gods or anything, because science has proven these wrong. The same also applies for this issue. Science has proven that it is impossible/very very unlikely that the world will end on this date, so why should we believe what some people believed hundreds of years ago.

kmsrocks678 | Student

Nah. The world will end the day before just to confuse everyone.

brum457 | Student

I wholeheartedly agree with litteacher8, the Mayans probably just didn't want to keep on writing the calender. As a result, many people think that 'THE WORLD IS GOING TO END' and suck people that aren't sure into their little bubble of worry.

But i bet there is a very small part of them that is thinking 'You dummy, history shows that every other date that the world was going to end on, was wrong.'

The end of the world is still far beyond the horizon. Stop fretting conspirasy theorists....

boeing | Student

ok guys thanks for all of your comment but now lets talk a little about the reason of such an idea.... is it really just an idea blongs to ancient???????????

or there are some other thing beside...

I want you to talk more about the benefits of such an idea to some specefic peaple??


any idea?

nicoledesilva | Student

Its funny, isn't it, that last year we were so crazy about this and now, that we're just 2 months away, we don't even care?

Well, I'm not believing it. Though the school did show us how the Mayans' calender ends on the day. I mean, really not a good thing to tell us, you know? Great start to our day.

I'm just going to say that, what is supposed to happen, will happen. Though I really don't think we should be believing a movie. And a bunch of scientists. Who are usually write about things but lets hope not this one.

And if we all do survive, I'm just gonna watch '2012' in 2013, and LAUGH.

luiji | Student

Ridiculous. No one knows when the day is, only God the Father. Even Jesus didn't know exactly when He'll be coming back. He also tells us it will be like a theif in the night (Gospel of Matthew). Therefore, if people are expecting it, it's not going to happen.