In 2011, if your spouse dies how do you calculate your spouses net worth  (what you will inherit). Is it 50% of what your combined net worth is?

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To calculate net worth do the following:

1. List all of your fixed assets like home,cars,boats,etc, list what they are worth. What is the current value.

2. List all of your liquid assets like cash,stocks,bonds,savings accounts, etc.

3. List all jewelry,household items, furniture, etc., at their current value.

4. Add all the above figures. This number is your total assets.

5. Subtract all your debts like credit card balances, mortgage balance, car loan, etc. This number is your net worth.

When listing the figures for your assets, make sure you list what they are worth, not necessarily what you owe on them. A common mistake is when you think your assets are worth more than they actually are.

Financial Planners recommend recalculating your net worth on a yearly basis.

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