In the 1999 movie Jesus, was Jesus a happy person during His time on earth and did He ever become angry during His time on earth?

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jesus was not always depicted as happy during the 1999 film Jesus.

In the beginning of the movie, Jesus and his stepfather Jospeh are carpenters looking for work.  He is faced with tough economic times, and religious and political upheaval.  When his father dies, he feels depressed and lost until his mother Mary tells him the true circumstances of his birth.  He decides to take up his true calling.

Jesus gets stronger, despite having some very human emotions.  He forgives the men who kill him, and when Satan says he is going to die in vain, he responds with strength.

No! I'm in the hearts of men. I will die for the everlasting kindness of the human heart created by the Father, so that man will make His image shine once again. And those who want to will find in me the strength to love until the end.

Although Jesus is depicted as not always having an easy life, and having the very human reactions of weeping at his stepfather Joseph’s death, he also is shown as having strength and humility.   While Joseph does not necessarily become angry and lose his temper, he does hold his own.