20 facts about Africa before the Slave TradeThanks

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Africa before slavery had thousands of groups ranging from small family sized clans/tribes to more organized civilizations.

The tribes on the coast tarded most with other nations.  (West coast to Europe, east coast to Asian nations/Middle East)

Almost universally made up of tribal religions except in the northeast where Christians had a small impact and in the north where Islam spread.  Ethiopia still has a strong Christian presence and is 1 of the rumored resting places of the Lost Ark.

Trade routes criss crossed the Sahara desert even before slavery

Mansa Musa was one of the richest men in world history

It is the only other continent Jesus walked on.

The first prehumans walked upright.

The Limpopo River, sailed by De Gama,  is home to many early tribes.

The Arab slave trade (Africans to the Arab nations) came before the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

Ghana was the siteof one of the greatest preslavery empires.

Mali was another major empire , making its fortune from the gold and salt trades.

Zimbabwe was known for its great stone structures.

The Romans coined the term "Africa Terra".

The Phoenicians established Carthage.

The Africans had learned how to use the Nile to irrigate crops.

The few navigatble rivers south of the Sahara made it difficult for explorers to travel into the interior of Africa.

The Berbers were the first to make the trek across the desert.

Muslims built made universities and markets in N. Africa.

Timbuktu was a great trading city.

Islam helped literacy spread across Africa.

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