A 20.00 mL sample of a Ba(OH)2 solution is titrated with 0.245 M HCl. If 27.15 mL of HCl is required, what is the molarity of the Ba(OH)2 solution?

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Here we have the equation for the reaction.

`Ba(OH)_2+2HCl rarr BaCl_2+2H_2O`


mole ratio

`Ba(OH)_2:HCl = 1:2`


Amount of HCl consumed `= 0.245/1000xx27.15 = 0.00665 mol`


So amount of `Ba(OH)_2` reacted `= 1/2xx0.00665 mol`


Molarity means the amount of moles solute in one litre of solution.

If the molarity of `Ba(OH)_2` is x then;

`x/1000xx20 = 1/2xx0.00665`

`x = 0.1663`


So the molarity of the `Ba(OH)_2` solution is `0.1663(mol)/L`


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