What reactions do you find to Jesus' miracles in the following passages?matthew 8:23-27: 8:28-34; John 6:15: 2:11

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Different people tend to have different views of the world and different attitudes.  Therefore, it is not at all surprising that different people would have had different views of Jesus' miracles.

The disciples were Jesus' followers.  Therefore it is not surprising that they would be impressed and amazed by him quieting the storm or turning water into wine.  Some people wanted a Messiah who would save them in the temporal world and give them power.  Therefore they wanted to make Jesus a king.  Others did not know what to make of someone who would destroy their property (a herd of pigs was probably fairly valuable) and would want Jesus to just go away.

We see all sorts of reactions to these miracles because people are all different.