Some have argued that the views of Old Major are more dangerous than the actions of any of the animals in Animal Farm. Why ?

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If this is going to be argued, then the previous thoughts are well substantiated.  Old Major begins the process of reconfiguring reality, which is why he can be seen as the most dangerous.  In starting the wheels of reconceptualizing reality, Old Major sets the stage for Napoleon and Snowball.  Perhaps, Old Major can be seen as Marx or Lenin.  In those cases, it was the ability to transform individuals' way of thinking that allowed others to follow and refine what was originally thought by someone else.  In asserting to the animals that the real enemies are the humans, Old Major can be seen as the most dangerous because he is the one to clearly identify the paradigm that is used throughout the novel.

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I suppose that I would argue that this is because Old Major put ideas into the heads of the animals.  These ideas were much more dangerous than any mere actions could be.

If you think about it, ideas are a very powerful thing.  Christianity is an idea.  So is democracy.  Both have taken over large parts of the Western world and had a huge impact on human history.

In this same way, Old Major's ideas could potentially be more dangerous than anything Napoleon could do.  His ideas could spread to other farms or could crop up again on Manor Farm -- ideas cannot be killed.

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