2 opposing opinions expressed in "Mending Wall":"Good fences make good neighbos"and "Something there is that doesn't love a wall."w/c do you hold?Why?

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In today's world where houses are getting closer and closer together, I would say that good fences make good neighbors. However, Frost's poem "Mending Wall" is about a fence in the middle of two orchards. As Frost writes, "My apple trees will never get across and eat the cones under his pines..." ( lines 25-26). Obviously, this is a rural area and with no domestic animals to cross over into a neighbor's yard and eat the fruit. As Frost says, "Here there are no cows." ( line 31) So, in the case Frost is discussing, I would have to ask, as Frost does, "Why do the[fences] make good neighbors?" ( line 29). Why spoil beautiful countryside with a fence that will just  break down year after year?

nitu420 | Student

Poet Robert Frost was a farmer. In this poem he writes his neighour in the next farm is a back dated supertious man who follows his fore fathers thinkings and so he wants to built a wall in between their farm & while the poets asked why he want that wall? His reply was,"good fences make good neibours"

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