What mass of each type of granola should be mixed to make 600g of granola that is 21% fruit?One type of granola is 30% fruit, and another type is 15% fruit.

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mrsmott eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Remember first that you have to go step by step when solving any sort of word problem - algebraic or not. There are a lot of resources online that can help you and explain what is going on all at the same time. Does the problem include any other information than what is listed above? 126 grams of your granola will need to be fruit in order for 21% of the 600 grams to be fruit. So, 240 grams must be of the 30% fruit while 360 grams are of the 15% fruit. That way you have 240 grams of 30% fruit or 72 grams and 370 of 15% fruit or 54 grams and 72 + 54 = 126 grams of fruit (which is 21% of 600).

tonys538 | Student

One of the granola has 30% fruit and the other has 15% fruit.These have to be mixed to create a granola that has 21% fruit.

This requires the use of weighted averages. As the weight of the final mixture created is 600 g, if x g of the first type of granola is used 600 - x g of the second can be used. Given the fraction of fruit in each of the granola,

x*0.3 + (600-x)*0.15 = 0.21*600

0.15x + 90 = 126

x = (126 - 90)/0.15 = 240

To create the required granola, 240 g of the granola with 30% fruit should be used and 360g of the granola with 15% fruit should be used.

revolution | Student

let x be the total amount of fruit it weigh





x=36/0.15= 240g

So, there would be 240g of 30% fruit and 360g of 15% fruit.