1 gram of iron is dissolved in 1 liter of water. What is the concentration of this solution?

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Concentration is usually expressed in four different ways.

  • Mass concentration

Here the concentration is expressed as mass of the substance dissolved divided by the volume of the solution.

The mass concentration here is 1 g/l or 1 kg/m^3.

  • Molar concentration

This is the number of moles of the solute in 1 liter of the solution.

The molar mass of iron is approximately 56. 1 g  = 1/56 = 0.0178 mole

The molar concentration is 0.0178 mole/liter

  • Number concentration

This is determined from the number of particles of iron in 1 g of iron divided by the volume that is 1/1000 m^3.

0.0178 mole has 0.0178* 6.0221415* 10^23  = 0.1072*10^23 particles. The number concentration is 0.1072*10^26 /m^3.

  • Volume concentration

This would not apply here as iron is a solid.

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