1984 Possible?Is the 1984 society possible? Explain your answer.

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timbrady eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I don't think it's an issue of whether we will actually become a 1984, but how we are already adopting many of the characteristics of that society in our own.  The issue of information/knowledge/truth is one obvious similarity.  Winston actually rewrites the past because it was "possible."  The whole idea was that that past was manipulated so that it could be used as a propaganda tool in the future.  The problem today is that we get much of our information from the internet, and we often do not know where it comes from or how accurate it is.  So the past begins to become malleable.  A trivial example appeared in the paper last week.  After hundreds of years as our greatest president, Washington was replaced by Lincoln.  Why did this happen?  Do the people who were polled really know that much about either/both president?  I doubt it.  I think it's more likely the result of Obama's endless praising of Lincoln having an indirect effect on the people.

Another example is Obama's endless use of the word crisis, creating fear in the population so that we are more ready to accept his solutions.  But how many of us really KNOW that there is a crisis or that the administration's proposed solutions are the best/appropriate?  Do we believe it because it is pounded into us almost daily by the media?  Is it this easy to get us to believe things?  If so, how far are we from Winston's 1984?

ajk | Student

When Orwell wrote this book in 1948 he was writing about what he believed society would be like in 1984.  Even though this has obviously not happened it is most certainly possible for a dystopia similar to this one to form in the future.  If the people of society fail to think and act for themselves then this society may form.  Right now it can be seen that many people in the United States alone are unable to think for themselves, and they accept the opinions of the media.  If this continues to happen a society similar to the one in 1984 may form.