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How does the 1954 film Creature from the Black Lagoon fit into a specific genre?

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The Creature from the Black Lagoonis a monster/horror genre film, typical of the Universal Horror films produced during the 1950s. It uses an inhuman monster, pathos, and characters in danger to create a sense of unease and fright.

The film is widely regarded as a classic in the genre for the way it presents the Creature as not fully monstrous, but curious and capable of human emotion. However, its scary physical features and incapability of communication caused the humans encountering it to fight and fear it. Much like King Kong,an earlier film, the Creature seems to develop feelings for a woman, causing the men around to try and protect her; much of the suspense in the film comes from the Creature's apparent invulnerability and great strength. This ambiguity prevents the film from being a straight horror film, and adds depth and complexity to the situations and characters.

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