"The 1950s was a period of conformity." Assess the validity of the statement.

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This statement is partly true and partly false.

The statement is true because a large part of adult white America was trying to conform to what was expected of them.  This was true for many people because of the fact that they worked at white collar jobs in large companies.  They needed to conform so they could look like they deserved to be moved up the corporate ladder.  Others conformed so as not to be labelled as different or as in some way unAmerican during this time when people feared communism.

But many younger people as well as African Americans were starting to push back.  This was the era of the "Beats" who rejected conventional society.  It was also the era in which the Civil Rights Movement began with the Montgomery Bus Boycott.  Finally, it was the era when rock music began to take hold among much of American youth.

In these ways, it is only partially accurate to portray the '50s as a time of conformity.

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