In 1927, what countries did Britain possess?

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Britain possessed, in terms of actual ownership, itself, essentially- England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (the Free State of Ireland, today the Republic of Eire, had won independence in 1921.).  The British Empire was at this point a collection of islands and nations with five different types of governments.  Companies were intitially capitalized from Britain as private companies.  Colonies were ruled by a governor representing the Crown.  Protectorates were run by the local rulers, but foreign and defense affairs by Britain. Dominions were essentially independant countries which still held the British Crown as their symbolic head of state (also called the Commonwealth Countries). Mandates were set up after World War I as the German and Turkish colonies were readied for self-government, under British control at the direction of the League of Nations.  The following list are Mandates unless otherwise noted:

Aden; the Andaman and Nicobar Islands; Anguilla; Antigua;  Aruba; Ascension; Ashmore and Cartier Islands; Australia (Dominion since 1901); the Bahamas; Bahrain; Baker Island; Baluchistan (part of India since 1887); Barbados; Barbuda; Basutoland; Batavia; Bechuawanaland; Bengal; Bermuda; Bhutan; Bombay; British Cameroons (Mandate); British Colombia; British Guiana; British Honduras; British Indian Ocean Territory; British New Guinea (Papua Territory); British Somaliland (Colony); British Togoland (Mandate); British Virgin Islands; Brunei; Burma; Bushire; Canada (Dominion since 1867); Canton and Enderbury Islands (Company); Cape Breton Island; the Cayman Islands (Colony); Ceylon; Christmas Island (Company); Christmas Island Pacific (Colony); Cocos Island; Cook Islands; Coorg; Curacao; Cyprus (Colony); Dominica; Dutch India; Egypt (Dominion); Ellice Islands (Colony); the Falkland Islands; Fiji; Gambia; Gibraltar; Gilbert Islands (Colony); Goa; Gold Coast; Grenada; Hirado; Hong Kong; Howland Island (Colony); India; Iraq (Mandate); Jamaica (Colony); Jarvis Island (Colony); Kamaran Island (Colony); Kenya (Colony); Kuwait; Lagos; the Leeward Islands; Madras; Malaya; the Maldive Islands; Malta; Mauritius; Nauru (Mandate); Nepal; Newfoundland (not yet part of Canada); New Hebrides (Colony); New Zealand; Nigeria (Colony); North Borneo (Colony); North West Frontier Province (Colony); Northern Rhodesia (Colony); Nyasaland (Colony); Ocean Island (Colony); Muscat and Oman; Palestine (Mandate); Penang; Pitcairn Island (Colony); Prince Edward Islands; Punjab (Colony); Qatar; Reunion; St. Christopher; St. Helena; St. Lucia; St. Vincent (Colony); Samoa (Mandate); Sarawak (Company); Senegal; Seychelles; Sierra Leone; Sikkim; Sind (Colony); Singapore; Solomon Islands; South Africa (Dominion); South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (Colony); South West Africa (Mandate); Southern Rhodesia (Dominion); Straits Settlements; the Sudan (Colony); Suez Canal Zone; Surat; Swaziland; Tanganyika (Mandate); Tokelau; Tonga; Tranquebar, or Danish India; Transjordan (Mandate); Trinidad and Tobago; Tristan da Cunha; Trucial Oman; Turks and Caicos Islands; Uganda; Weihaiwei; Willoughby (Colony); the Windward Islands; Zanzibar.

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