17) Use the temperature pressure relationship to explain why you should check your tire pressure when the temperature changes.

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While solids and liquids do not change their volume or pressure with a change in temperature, gases will.  The relationship for ideal gases is

PV = nRT

where P = pressure, V = volume, n = moles, R = ideal gas constant and T = temperature (in Kelvin).

Most gases behave in an ideal manner so we can use this equation to explain the PVT relationships of most gases. 

If we have a constant amount of gas and a constant volume, then we can see a proportional relationship between temperature and volume.

T1/V1 = T2/V2

As the temperature goes up, the pressure goes up and vice versa.  You may have seen this phenomenon when you purchase a helium balloon in the winter time.  In the warm store, the balloon looks fully inflated but then shrinks slightly when you walk into the cold air outside.