Factor 15a-25b+20

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We recognize 5 as the greatest common factor of the three terms. Factoring out the common 5 yields:

`5(3a-5b+4)` . There is no further simplifying possible.

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Since the number 5 can go into the terms 15a, (-) 25b and 20, it is possible to divide the whole equation by 5. 15a divided by 5 is 3a (-) 25b divided by 5 is (-) 5b And 20 divided by 5 Is 4. If you put the equation this adds up to together, it reads: 3a - 5b + 4 However, you divided the equation by five, so you have to multiply the above equation by 5 So the final answer is 5(3a - 5b + 4).

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