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Of the 13 colonies, which was the only one whose delegates did not attend the first Continental Congress in Philadelphia in 1774?  

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The First Continental Congress took place in Philadelphia from 5th September to 26th October, 1774. The Congress was convened in order for the American colonies and their delegates to air their grievances over what they perceived as increasingly unfair treatment by the British, and to devise a concerted plan of action by way of response.

Delegates from twelve of the thirteen colonies attended the Congress. The only colony not to send delegates was Georgia. Ironically, the reason for this was that the state needed British troops to protect it from a growing number of attacks by Native American tribes. Although the presence of British troops was often a bone of contention between the American colonists and the colonial authorities in northern states such as Massachusetts, in more remote areas such as Georgia they were seen as necessary to protect white settlers from Native Americans upon whose land they were gradually encroaching.

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