120g of ammonium nitrate was dissolved in 1 litreof water . What is the concentration of ammonium nitrate in mol dm-3?  

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Solving the concentration of ammonium nitrate in mol dm^-3, we should first get the number of moles of ammonium nitrate.

The formula of ammonium nitrate is NH4NO3 and its molar mass is 80.052 g/mol. To solve for the number of moles, we divide the given mass (120g) with the molar mass.

Moles NH4NO3 = 120g NH4NO3/80.052 g/mol

Moles NH4NO3 = 1.49903 moles.

To get the concentration, we need to divide the number of moles with the volume of the solution. The required unit for volume is dm^-3.

1dm^3 = 1L

so the concentration would be:

=Moles NH4NO3/ volume of the solution

= 1.49903 moles/ 1dm^3

= 1.50 moles/dm^3

= 1.50 moles dm^-3



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