How do the jurors' intra/interpersonal communications, beliefs, etc. impact the way they view evidence and affect the outcome in the Twelve Angry Men film?

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I think there are two factors here. First of all, there is the background of each individual juror. Then, there is the interaction between them. The jurors' backgrounds are what make them conducive or not conducive to persuasion or influence by other jurors.
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The intrapersonal communication factors vividly affect the viewpoints the jurors bring into the jury room with them. Juror 7 is a salesman who is primarily concerned with earning and then enjoying his commissions, such as his baseball tickets. Juror 4 is possibly the most highly educated of the jurors and certainly takes the most intellectual, logical approach to processing the evidence and testimony presented during the trial. The background experiences of the others are similarly reflected in their actions and attitudes.

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It is clear that the beliefs, values and experiences have a massive importance when we think about how it leads the jurors to treat the accused. Whether it is their own personal experience as an immigrant, or as a father, or just an American citizen, personal factors are shown to shape the outlook of the various jurors massively in this play.

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