10g of CaCO3 is equal to a.10 mole of CaCO3 b.1 gram atom of Ca c.6 x 10^26 atoms of Ca d.10^-3 mole of CaCO3  

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`CaCO_3` molar mass = 100g/mol


Moles in 10g of `CaCO_3 = 10/100 = 0.1 mol`


Atoms in 1 mol of `CaCO_3 = 6.022xx10^23`

Atoms in 0.1 mol `CaCO_3 = 0.1xx6.022xx10^23 = 6.022xx10^22`

We have similar amount of Ca and C atoms.


Amount of Ca moles in 10g of `CaCO_3 = 0.1`

Mass of carbon in 0.1mol of `CaCO_3 = 40xx0.1 = 4g`


Non of the answers are correct.