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In 10 years can the mother come back and ask for a paternity test and back child support?  This is in the state of Indiana.

If someone is unaware that they are the father of a child.  The mother doesn't contact him in regards to the baby being born and obviously not being on the birth certificate nor take a paternity test.

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In no state will you find a law requiring back child support if the identity of the biological father has not yet been legally established.  While, if the child was still under 18 years of age, the father, once notified legally, would have to pay future child support payments until that child was a legal adult. In some states, I think the age is 21 if they are still dependents.  But the father would never have to pay back child support, as no child support payments had yet been agreed upon or required by a court.  Therefore, how could payments have been missed?

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