What are 10 reasons prostitution should be illegal?

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There are many reasons why some people might think that prostitution should be illegal.  Not everyone will agree with all of these reasons.  These reasons include:

  • Prostitution is immoral. People should not have sex outside of marriage and so we should not condone an activity which is, by definition, improper and immoral.
  • Prostitution spreads disease. Prostitutes can be infected with sexually-transmitted diseases and can spread those diseases to their other customers.
  • Prostitution is usually involuntary. We may think that prostitutes voluntarily enter the profession, but they are typically coerced in some way.
  • Prostitution is degrading. It forces people to sell their bodies for money, which is contrary to human dignity.
  • Prostitution is dangerous. Prostitutes are in danger of being victimized by violent clients.
  • Prostitution promotes human trafficking. People often buy and sell prostitutes across countries.
  • Prostitution weakens families. It encourages people to have sex outside of marriage, thus weakening their commitment to their families.

These are some reasons that people might give for thinking that prostitution should remain illegal.  Please follow the link below for other views on this question.

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