i need help coming up with 10 importants events that happened in the Brave New World . HELP!!!

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A lot happens in Huxley's "Brave New World."  It's tough to pick just ten important events.  I'll give it a shot, and I'll try to stick to chronological order.  

1. Introduction to the Bokanovsky and Podsnap Processes.  It's important because the reader is introduced to a society that produces people through a form of cloning.  Each "clone" is also conditioned into 5 different castes through genetic engineering, brain washing, and operant conditioning. 

2. Lenina and Bernard decide to take a trip to the Savage Reservation. 

3. Bernard and Lenina meet John. Bernard realizes that John's mother is the Director's long lost lover. 

4. Bernard invites John to return to the "brave new world."  John insists that Linda returns as well.  

5. Bernard causes the Director to resign by revealing that the director is a "father."  This allows Bernard to avoid exile, which is what the director initially planned for Bernard.  

6. John becomes immensely famous in London.  People are intrigued by "the savage" and his life.  Bernard is also popular and famous because he is the discoverer and care taker of John the savage. 

7. John refuses to meet guests at one of Bernard's social gatherings.  Bernard's social status is ruined. 

8. John learns that Linda is dying. He goes to the hospital and is present when she dies. 

9. John starts a riot by preventing a group of people from taking their soma ration.  Bernard and Hemholtz rescue John from the crowd, but the three of them are all arrested. 

10. John and Mond discuss the current state of the world.  John argues that the people are not really living because things like art, science, and religion have all been exchanged for happiness and a stable society. 

11.  Bernard and Hemholtz are exiled.  John is not allowed to go with them. 

12. John retreats to the country in order to seek solitude. He eventually commits suicide. 

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