1. You have seen examples of both classical and contemporary ballet, which one do you like? Why? 2. How would you describe ballet to someone who has never witnessed it? Make sure you are detailed. The more detail the better the description and another opportunity to practice describing dance.

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Ballet is a form of art. In a ballet performance, a story, such as The Nutcracker, is told through the medium of music and dance. Traditionally, dancers wear a ballet outfit, which for female dancers consists of tutus and pointe shoes. Whilst contemporary ballet and classical ballet are both forms of ballet and share some similarities, there are also some significant differences between the two. Contemporary ballet is much less restricted and therefore allows for an expression which is much freer. For example, there are no rules with regard to costumes or music within a contemporary ballet performance. This allows feelings to be portrayed much more intensely through the form of dance.

Personally, I prefer classical ballet. This is because I admire the level of skill in a classical ballet dancer. In contemporary ballet, it is much easier to express feeling through dance, as there are no strict rules that have to be followed. In classical ballet, on the other hand, there are strict rules with regard to the performance. This makes it much harder to allow for artistic freedom, which in return makes a convincing performance within this restricted environment a lot more impressive than a performance of contemporary ballet, which had the advantage of free and creative expression in the first place.

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