1) If you have a choice, will you choice to be a male or female? Why?Everyone are welcome to talk about ur ans. :"D Plz , the only rule is to be specific/ details for explanning.   Thanks!

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I have often thought it would be easier to be male, but I would stay female.  First of all, I am used to it.  I do not have any masculine qualities.  I find it hard to imagine being attracted to a female.  I like myself the way I am.

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I would choose to remain a female. Clearly, that is what I was meant to be, and to imagine myself anything other than what I was meant to be would be ludicrous. However, if I was a man, I would wear a tie everyday, and I would rock the look. I absolutely love the color and patterns of ties. They're pieces of art you can wear around your neck and look cool doing it.

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There have been numerous times throughout my life when I have felt that it is so much better to be a male. I actually still feel that way often, specifically with the biological pains and problems we often have as females, starting as soon as we enter puberty. We have it harder biologically and we have it harder in regards to sexism, being physically weaker, balancing the role of working and parenting etc.

However, being female is all that I know. I have no clue how to be a man, of course, so I can't even imgaine myself as a man. I'd choose to be female again. Even though I feel we have it harder in many ways, I don't believe that being a man is a walk in the park either.

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If I could choose, I think I would remain male.  I think that men have it easier in life.

Just physically, I would certainly not enjoy giving birth or being pregnant.  That alone is enough to make me want to remain as a man.

More seriously, though, I think that I would be annoyed to be judged in the way that women are judged by society.  For example, women are expected to be able to have good jobs today (unlike in the past) but yet they are still judged very much on their appearance.  I would not like to have a great deal of emphasis placed on the way I look, the clothes I wear, my makeup, etc.  I think that men are much more likely to be judged solely on their personality and character than women are.

So, in our society, I would rather be male because men have it easier than women.

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I would be male cuz they don't do all the hard things females do e.g give birth and parents are less protective over boys than girls