1 Will China's economy ever surpass the U.S? please explain at least 5- 6 lines 2  Is outsourcing good for America?  please explain at least 5- 6 lines

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Question 1.  The answer to this depends on how you define “surpass” and how you define “ever.”  China’s economy is very likely to surpass the US economy in nominal terms in the near future.  However, China is not at all likely to surpass the US in terms of things like GDP per capita for a very long time.  “Ever” implies an infinite amount of time and it is impossible to predict what will happen in, say, 300 years.  China will pass the US is simple economic output sometime in the next few decades.  This is fairly inevitable simply because China’s population is so much bigger than that of the US.  However, China is still much poorer on a per capita basis than the US is.  On a per capita basis, it is poorer than countries like Brazil, Mexico, and Botswana.  It has a long way to go to catch up and it is not clear that it will be able to do so for a very long time.

Question 2:  Outsourcing (I assume that you actually mean offshore outsourcing) is good for the US economy as a whole, but it is bad for many Americans.  Offshore outsourcing occurs when a company sends some of its functions to be done by other companies in other countries.  This is good for the US economy because it allows our companies to produce goods and services at lower costs.  When we American consumers buy these products, we save money.  That is good for us.  However, offshore outsourcing hurts specific groups of Americans.  It hurts people who work in the industries that get outsourced.  These are typically Americans with less education and fewer skills.  They are hurt even as the economy as a whole benefits.