1. Why is Stella taking Blanche out for the evening? What is Stanley’s reaction? 2. At the beginning of the scene, Blanche is taking a bath. Why? What is symbolic about this bath? 3. Why does Stella ask Stanley to understand and be nice to Blanche? How does Stanley receive the news that Belle Reve has been lost? 4. Why does Stanley think that Blanche has “swindled” Stella? 5. How does Stanley react when Stella tells him to wait outside with her? Why do you think he acts this way? 6. What does Blanche have to say about truth and illusion? 7. How do Blanche and Stanley seem to feel about each other? Support your answer with evidence from the play. 8. What does the appearance of the tamale vendor suggest at the end of the scene? 

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As stated previously by my fellow educator, only one question is allowed at one time. I will explain what happens when Stanley finds out that Belle Reve has been lost.

At the time Stella tells Stanley that Belle Reve has been lost, it is clear to the audience that Stanley does not really like Blanche. At least, we know for sure that he does not trust her.

Therefore, when Stella tells him about "losing" Belle Reve, Stanley quickly points out the fact that, according to Louisiana's Napoleonic Laws, whatever property comes into the marriage belongs to both husband and wife. Since Belle Reve was the property of Blanche's and Stella's family, Stanley, as Stella's husband, also has ownership rights to the property.

For this reason, he asks for paperwork showing any documentation of the property being sold and for how much. Stella—who is not a bright woman—prefers to take a detour around the conversation, but Stanley won't have it. He is not buying the idea that the property could just be...

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