Did Dally always get what he wanted in "The Outsiders"? Explain.

Expert Answers
susanr2 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Dally definitely did not always get what he wanted--he didn't get to go to college because he had to stay home to care for his brothers! Also because he is not used to being the authoritative one, he doesn't know how to enforce rules (e.g., be home by 2:00). He acts as the big brother rather than the parent.

tjfrick | Student

Dally never got what he actually wanted.  I believe susanr2 is confusing Dally and Darry.  Darry is the older brother and Dally Winston is the one in the group that is the boy that you would say is the real trouble maker.  The truth is he is a troubled soul.  Dally has never had a "normal" life.  He has never had a real family with love and rules.  He is constantly trying to find things that will fill the emptiness inside of him.  The one thing that he finds is Johnny.  He truly loves Johnny like a brother.  In the end of the book when Johnny dies, it says that Johnny got what he always wanted, to know that Dally was proud of him. 

Dally on the other hand never found what he wanted and that was for someone to be proud of him and love him.  When Dally runs out in the end of the book and gets himself killed it is for two reasons.  One because he wants to go out in a blaze of glory on his own terms.  The other reason is that he doesn't feel that there is anything left to live for.  The one person he ever loved has died and he couldn't keep him from that.

I believe Dally not only always got his way, I would say he never got what he wanted.