Why did U.S call for a Constitutional Convention after the Revolution?  

Expert Answers
rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Constitutional Convention was the result of a perception among American political leaders by 1787 that the Articles of Confederation, the government established during the Revolution, was inadequate to address the challenges faced by the states. The inability of the national government to raise money through taxation was a particularly serious concern, as was the inability to provide a stable currency. Another concern was the lack of uniform trade policies among the states, which led to frequent problems. The Annapolis Convention, a forerunner of the Philadelphia Convention that led to the Constitution, was convened to discuss interstate commerce. Shays Rebellion, or the Massachusetts Regulation, in the winter of 1786-87 brought many of these matters to the forefront, demonstrating the inability of the government established by the Articles to tax, regulate the payment of debts, and deal with civil disorder.