1. Why did Toby ask Mrs. Granger to explain what an oracle was? What happened as a result?

Expert Answers
teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hello! Toby originally asked Mrs. Granger to explain what an oracle was because he knew that a test was scheduled for the end of the period. Toby reasoned that Mrs. Granger, who was fond of long-winded explanations, would take up much of the time expounding on a subject she 'could really get her teeth into.' Thus, the test would be forgotten. However, Toby did not bargain for the fact that his scheme would backfire. By the end of the period, everyone, including Toby, was equally fascinated with the topic of oracles. Many students made use of library period to get books to read about oracles. That afternoon, everyone spent two hours having another discussion about the topic.

Eventually, the study on oracles inspires the children to connect their research with their Egypt game. Melanie, Toby, Ken, and April use Toby's owl as Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom. All the 'Egyptians' will take turns writing down the questions they would ask Thoth. They will leave the questions with Thoth overnight, and come back the next day for the answers. SO, Toby's original question to Mrs. Granger actually leads the children to incorporate what they have learned in class into their Egypt Game.

Hope this helps. Thanks for the question.