In volume of Art Spiegelman's Maus, why did he use flashback technique, what were the limitations imposed on the Jews, and what is a timeline that chronicles major events?

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In drawing and writing his two-volume story of his parents’ experiences during the Holocaust, Art Spiegelman tells that story in retrospective or flashback format for a very good reason.  Spiegleman, like many children, felt emotionally estranged from his parents (his mother had committed suicide in 1968 and his father had remarried), although his love for them is not in doubt.  They represented different generations and, most significantly, different cultures.  Spiegelman’s parents were Polish Jews who were rounded up following the German invasion of Poland and, following a protracted period confined in what became known as “the Warsaw Ghetto,” were forced into railroad cargo containers and transported to concentration camps, including the Auschwitz death camp that would come to symbolize man’s greatest failure.  The emotional distance between Art and his parents manifests itself in strained interactions and an occasionally condescending attitudes towards his unrefined,...

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