Which steps in the scientific method are scientists conducting when they count a certain species of birds?

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Counting species of birds is necessary for preservation and researches in preserving certain animal species. This activity is beneficial in terms of indication of climate change, pollution, wildlife status, habitat loss or migration. However it would be very tedious to count the number of a certain species of birds since they are so mobile and can quickly transfer places. 

1. Certain species of birds are loner, means you can count them easily.

2. There are slow moving birds that can be easily identified and counted. Walking birds are also easy to count since they are limited to running only. 

3. Gridding the area can be a way to count birds. The actual area is grid and approximations are made by giving a number of birds per grid. 

4. be sure that the group of birds are of the same species. In some cases in vegetative areas such as pond and seashores, several species of birds gather together. In this case, count first the birds that seem to be not belonging to the flock and then you can proceed to gridding method. 

5. the most accurate measurement of bird population is probably the usage of digital imaging. Photographs can be used in order to measure a certain species of bird. 

Remember to employ statistics of counting birds. This means that you should try counting the birds more than once in order to have a good output of values. 

lan950s eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you are referring to steps of the scientific method then counting the species would be the step usually known as "collecting data". Remember the steps don't always go in order, nor do all the "steps"necessarily have to be carried out.

bioeeyore | Student

Collecting data to test the hypothesis by experimentation