How does Kevin and Dana's relationship progress in the book Kindred, even though Dana keeps going back and forth in time?

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In the book Kindred by Octavia Butler, the relationship between Kevin and Dana is complicated and consistently changing. They are an interracial couple who have had to deal with unaccepting family members and coworkers in the past and are now dealing with Dana's uncontrollable time traveling to the antebellum South. Although the love between Dana and Kevin does not fade, their understanding of and respect for one another's circumstances is challenged.

When Dana is brought back to the 1800s to aid Rufus in the chapter "The Fall," Kevin is accidentally taken with her, and Kevin and Dana must assume the roles of master and slave in order to survive. Kevin is treated as a guest on the Weylin plantation, whereas Dana is treated as a slave, and this is where their misunderstandings begin. While Dana is crippled and disturbed by the mistreatment of the other slaves on the plantation, Kevin is enthralled by the culture of the time period. When they finally get a moment alone, they explain their...

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